I’m Michelle de Koning

I graduated in 2000 from the Graphical Arts Lyceum Eindhoven as Graphic Designer and Technical Creative Desktop Publisher. I work very precise and love a challenge.

Companies I work(ed) for:

Kobelco Welding of Europe B.V.
For this international Company I design and make everything that has to do with Graphical Design and layout. I had projects like the redesign and manufacture of the product catalogue (in different languages), the design and layout for stand building (columns, displays, time-line, badges etc.), leaflets, brochures and re-design and creation of the company website. I also did the communication with the printers.

Wegener Nieuwsmedia BV
My activities were designing newspaper pages and appendices. I designed a variety of items ranging from small advertisements to entire pages (like the real-estate pages).

AniWay Magazine
Since my graduation in 2000 I founded my own magazine due to my fondness of the Japanese popculture. I designed part of the magazine and made it press-ready. I have recently handed this over to a new team to focus my attention on my own company.

I gained experience in e.g. prepress activities for Philips. This consisted of correcting provided files before they were sent to press. I verified if the contents were fully compliant to the Philips company style as well. Besides that, I created and designed product hand-outs and brochures for Philips Healthcare and Philips Lighting. I created manuals for those too.
At this company I could be applied to a wide range of activities and managed challenges head on.

Download my current CV for extra information.

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